Truly Mobile Dispatching

PerGo is a free cloud-based taxi dispatching and management platform taxi, limo,  livery, and car services.  Because its cloud based it goes wherever you do.  Furthermore every PerGo instance originates from geographically diverse hosting. Since its always on and always there you can confidently access your dedicated system and conduct business wherever you or your[…]

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Easy VoiP Communications with Masked Calling

Integrated VoiP communications using Masked calling is a feature of the PerGoDrive App that gives your drivers one touch direct calling to their passengers.  Its masked because the passengers information is kept confidential and all the calls can be routed back to your phone. Minimize confusion and wasted time by keeping your drivers and passengers[…]

PerGo passenger app

Convenient Passenger App

PerGo’s Free convenient passenger app is easy to use and always maintains a companies identity through the ride process.  From ride request through payment, the passenger knows that they are doing business with your company.  The universal app is a true local marketplace for transportation services.  It offers potential passengers real-time information on the ride[…]

driver app

Easy Driver App

The PerGoDrive Driver App is available for Android or iOS PerGo’s dedicated driver app offers any company the ability to focus their drivers and organize their jobs either in the moment or in the future.  Embedded in the the PerGoDrive driver application is a growing list of features that allow any company, regardless of size,[…]

automated dispatch

Efficient Location Assisted Automated Dispatch

Automated dispatch is at the core of PerGo’s efficiency.  The platform allows for accurate real-time awareness of where your assets are allowing your company’s staff to be as productive as possible and for useful automated dispatch Our end-to-end solution offers a large and growing set of management tools. Customized to fit your dispatch strategy Track your[…]

VOIP cloud based calling

Integrated VOIP Phone System

PerGO’s dispatch and management panel includes a VoIP based phone bridge that allows companies of all sizes to integrate their existing phone service directly into the dispatch process Integrated VoIP calling system with unlimited lines The PerGo phone bridge is not limited in the number of inbound calls you can receive at the same time. […]

Driver Cashiering

Efficient Driver Cashiering With Same Day Payment

PerGo Driver cashiering with available same day payment. Pergo’s Driver Cashiering is included in your dispatch management and enables you to route driver revenue directly to any destination they choose including a prepaid debit card which allows them instant access to their money.  Its not enough to offer passengers every aspect of a modern transportation[…]

Passenger Text Message Ride Alerts

Passenger Messaging for Effective Ride Alerts

Passenger Text Message Ride Alerts (or SMS) are a standard feature of any modern dispatch and management platform.  Companies need to use a “kitchen sink” approach to solving the problem of automatically communicating with passengers when their ride status has changed.  Even though they serve a specific function for getting the jobs done, they can[…]