Location Assisted Automated Dispatch System

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Easy Location Assisted Automated Dispatch System

Location based automated dispatching is at the core of PerGo’s efficiency.  PerGo gives accurate real-time awareness of where your vehicles are, allowing your company to be as productive as possible.

  • Customized to fit your dispatch strategy
  • Track your vehicles in real-time
  • Auto lookup/completion of addresses.
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Location Based Automated Dispatch System Integration

Know where your vehicles are in real time and use that information to help your staff dispatch more effectively.  Have a view of where your drivers have been as well as where they are at any given moment.

Dispatching Enhancements

PerGo gives your dispatchers and passengers the benefit of address verification for every call which enhances quality of service.  The passenger just has to tell you the name of the store, restaurant, or landmark. Our system takes into account your local area and returns the right address quickly.