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Manage all of your driver, passenger and trip information from one centralized view.

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Give your riders the experience and high-level service they expect.



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Our story

You operate a fleet of cars and have been a staple in your community for years. You manage and dispatch to taxis, limos or some other type of livery vehicle. Your customers are now expecting a new level of service that was previously never a concern. PerGo provides a back-end management tool as well as a consumer facing passenger application that will meet your needs and exceed your customer's expectiations. Explore the site to learn more about PerGo and contact us to start moving your base forward today.

  • Location Services

    Know where your cars are. Use that information to maximize efficiency.

  • Customer Support

    Adopting new technology can be frightening. We provide extensive customer support and a personal touch to ease this transition.

  • Payments

    Payments are a vital part of the transportation business. Collect payments from customers or paying drivers are just some of the challenges base operators face. Our infrastructure provides a low cost and fast way to handle these processes.

  • Passenger Application

    Hail. Track. Pay.