PerGo: Cloud-Based Dispatching and Management for Vehicle Services

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Optimize Vehicle Dispatching with PerGo's Cloud-Based System

Vehicle dispatching from PerGo is cloud based dispatching and management for car services, taxi, limo, and NEMT.
Because its cloud based it goes wherever you do. Transportation companies large and small now have the flexibility to operate locally or remotely, either at a desk or on the go with a tablet.
  • Cloud Based Taxi Dispatching is available wherever you have a browser with an internet connection
  • Seamless integration with iOS and Android apps
  • Unlimited online access to the management and dispatch consoles
  • Receive constant updates without service interruption
  • No need for costly hardware
  • Replace costly location and payment services with one free solution.  
  • Immediately lower your cost while not sacrificing any of the services you have grown to rely on.