Easy Driver App

driver app

The PerGoDrive Driver App is available for Android or iOS

PerGo’s dedicated driver app offers any company the ability to focus their drivers and organize their jobs either in the moment or in the future.  Embedded in the the PerGoDrive driver application is a growing list of features that allow any company, regardless of size, to become more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

Dedicated dispatch Alerts

PerGo leverages all means available to communicate to the driver.   In the quickest ways possible, vital trip information will keep them moving.

Optional Digital Meter

The PerGoDrive app has the flexibility to adapt to the way you operate. The integrated meter is just one of many tools embedded into the app that can help your operation run smoother.

One Touch Masked Passenger Calling*

One-touch Driver app initiated calls connect the driver and passenger over a dedicated VOIP connection without showing contact information of either the passenger or the driver.

Card Present Payment Acceptance

The PerGo driver app integrates with both legacy card swipe and EMV based chip and NFC card readers that will enable your drivers to accept payments media including ApplePay and AndroidPay contactless payments.