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Revolutionize Your NEMT Business with Pergo's Integrated Software

Pergo’s integrated NEMT (Non Emergency Medical Transportation) & Account Management Software allows operators of all sizes to manage the reporting problems that often arise from offering non emergency medical transportation or standard account based transportation

NEMT Account Management 2023

Don’t let management responsibilities that can come with certain ride types keep you from that business! All of the requirements common with NEMT work are already addressed in the PerGo workflow. As a trip progresses towards completion the compliance requirements are satisfied.

  • Migrate from paper voucher system to a digital one
    • Even if you’re not using a basic paper system for trip vouchers, migrating to a digital signature acceptance will cover exposure for proof of service and streamline your record keeping at the same time
  • Accept digital signature for digital vouchers
  • Keep up with new demanding driver manifest formats seamlessly
  • Lower your receivable timeline with automated invoice creation
    • Real time reporting and invoice creation from within your portal
    • See and process account payments the moment jobs have been completed
    • Set rules for account usage to minimize your exposure
  • Branded invoices, statements, and proof of service to your account clients
    • The little details like logo placement keeps your company in focus

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