One we get, One we dont

Tesla at least can claim the potential of a product/sector that has the potential to drive demand and generate direct and indirect employment to meet that demand.  Uber’s product is the removal of humans from logistics services.  That’s it.  Nothing created in its place that employs even a fraction of the people it will adversely affect.  Their cars will run on gas, they will bind up urban traffic, and the money that used to go to millions in wages will just be shifted to management and ownership.

Amazon’s drone service, while bound to have a negative effect, at least can claim the potential benefit of line of sight delivery routes, etc.

If you don’t feed the beast it will die….

Trump adds CEOs of Tesla, Uber to his presidential policy forum

This doesn’t mean that either executive is a cheerleader for Trump. As recently as November, Musk said that Trump was “not the right guy” for the presidency. Kalanick, meanwhile, joked that he would move to China if Trump won.