Khosrowshahi v. Musk 1 Khosrowshahi v. Musk

Khosrowshahi v. Musk

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says the future of mobility is electric and autonomous, but the arrival of driverless robotaxis will be “quite a few years” beyond 2020.

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Lyft Loses

New York Supreme Court ruled today to uphold New York City’s minimum wage for drivers working for ride-sharing services, shooting down a challenge to the rule from Lyft. The ruling will maintain the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission’s (TLC) minimum wage requirement of $17.22 per hour after expenses, which is one of the first wage floors for ride-share drivers in the country.

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Sums it up nicely

Uber skirted laws and cut corners to trample over regulators and competitors. It accelerated the start-up industry’s misogynistic and reckless hustle culture. And it pushed a frightening new picture of labor — one in which everyone is a contractor, toiling without protection, our hours and our lives ruled by uncaring algorithms in the cloud