Guess the lobbyists forgot about him... 1 Guess the lobbyists forgot about him...

Guess the lobbyists forgot about him…

Or maybe he’s just a person of integrity….. India’s transport minister vows to ban self-driving cars to save jobs Companies in the United States, Germany, Japan, and other countries are racing to develop self-driving cars. But India’s top transportation regulator says that those cars won’t be welcome on Indian streets any time soon. “We won’t[…]

Um, Driver, Id like to get out now

Video: Uber backers are reportedly pitching a share sale to SoftBank – San Francisco Business Times The shareholders and board of Uber Technologies Inc. have reportedly discussed selling shares in the ride-hailing company to SoftBank Group Corp. and other possible investors, Bloomberg reports. Bloomberg cites sources close to the matter as saying Uber shareholders, including[…]

Worth Reading

Uber Has Seen a Sharp Drop in New Driver Retention by John Ince on Harry here. With Uber including in-app tipping in all cities soon, will more drivers stay on the road and not quit or switch to Lyft? Senior RSG contributor John Ince covers the sharp drop in new driver retention by Uber, a[…]