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Maybe people will realize that Uber hasn’t reached the same level as Xerox, or Kleenex.  The issue is not Uber’s success but the economy devoted to getting people (and things) from origin to destination.  It affects all of us… How Uber embarrassed Volvo in California Like a sullen child who has been told that if[…]

By the Time We Get to Arizona... 1 By the Time We Get to Arizona...

By the Time We Get to Arizona…

Nice touch to have an automated semi hauling off a load of automated cars….If you look carefully you can see the jobs they are shipping off as well. Uber sends self-driving cars to Arizona after failed San Francisco pilot var _ndnq = _ndnq || []; _ndnq.push([’embed’]); The day after California regulators shut down Uber’s self-driving[…]

Some more opinion on SF 2 Some more opinion on SF

Some more opinion on SF

Uber is doing everything wrong with its self-driving cars in San Francisco By rolling out a small fleet of self-driving vehicles in San Francisco without first getting a permit from the California DMV, Uber reverted to an old habit and played chicken with regulators. It lost decisively on Wednesday when California yanked the registrations on[…]

Kinda surprised 3 Kinda surprised

Kinda surprised

Uber ends self-driving car program in San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO – Uber on Thursday announced it has pulled its self-driving cars from the streets of San Francisco, bowing to pressure from state regulators to end its controversial pilot program. “We have stopped our self-driving pilot in California as the DMV has revoked the registrations for[…]

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We dont know what to think on this, but its been suggested that considering the bleeding and the opacity, it may be their disregard for local regulations while they try to ram self driving cars down everyone’s throats is more a function of panic than power….  Drivers and users seem to have figured out the[…]

MI Uber driver stabs passenger

Very Scary

Police: Uber Driver Stabs Beverly Hills Rider Multiple Times For Disrespecting His Car BIRMINGHAM (CBS DETROIT) – Police in a suburban Detroit neighborhood say an Uber driver is under arrest for stabbing a rider who allegedly disrespected his car. The incident allegedly began when a couple from Beverly Hills called for an Uber driver after[…]

Like this doesnt fit the narrative... 4 Like this doesnt fit the narrative...

Like this doesnt fit the narrative…

Stop feeding the beast. Former Uber employee says employees routinely tracked celebs, exes Ride-sharing giant Uber is caught in the headlights this week after an explosive lawsuit that alleges thousands of employees abused the service’s lax security to secretly track customers – including celebrities, famous politicians, and ex-spouses. The lawsuit, filed by a former employee[…]

musk drinks with ivanka trump and cushner

One we get, One we dont

Tesla at least can claim the potential of a product/sector that has the potential to drive demand and generate direct and indirect employment to meet that demand.  Uber’s product is the removal of humans from logistics services.  That’s it.  Nothing created in its place that employs even a fraction of the people it will adversely[…]