Reservation Management

reservation management

PerGo Easy Reservation Management

Book future rides one at a time or with a mass import through your pergo portal

Reservations are as much a part of standard transfer service as they are scheduled service like Emergency non medical.  PerGo makes both types of bookings a matter of point and click.

Allow passengers to book their own reservations through the integrated web widget, or passenger app

Its not enough to be able to allow your passengers to book reservations on their own.  PerGo’s reservation management process and communication gives you the automated tools you need to make sure that only the reservations you can manage are confirmed and the work is assigned and carried out on time.

Alert drivers with multiple ways as to their upcoming reservation schedule

Drivers are kept in the loop on reservation assignments as well as any update to the reservation.  PerGo uses different messaging means to keep the driver informed at all times.

Dispatch reservations manually or automatically

You can manage assignments in advance by assigning future work to drivers and have them be alerted to and accept the job in advance.  at the same time you can leave a reservation unassigned and allow the platform to assign the job in real time.

Accept deposits for future reservations

Don’t take the risk of hoping for payment in full at the end of the trip.  Take partial or full payment for reservations in advance, and work with piece of mind that you wont be left holding the bag in case of a last minute cancellation.Drivers are kept in the loop on reservation assignments as well as any update to the reservation through various messaging means.