Convenient Passenger App

PerGo passenger app

PerGo’s Free convenient passenger app is easy to use and always maintains a companies identity through the ride process.  From ride request through payment, the passenger knows that they are doing business with your company.  The universal app is a true local marketplace for transportation services.  It offers potential passengers real-time information on the ride they are looking for.  All ride activity is recorded and stored in perpetuity and available to you at any time through your dedicated PerGo admin portal

PerGoRide for Android or iOS passengers will see all available cars in a given radius around the passengers pick-up location.  Passengers will see more than just a car.  They  see your company name, your logo, your real-time availability, your actual fare estimates (per your rate sheet or tariff, specifics on your vehicles and drivers), and your company’s contact information.

Let your customers have on demand service now so they dont think about riding with someone else.

Convenient Passenger App 1 Convenient Passenger App