Integrated VOIP Phone System

VOIP cloud based calling

PerGO’s dispatch and management panel includes a VoIP based phone bridge that allows companies of all sizes to integrate their existing phone service directly into the dispatch process

Integrated VoIP calling system with unlimited lines

The PerGo phone bridge is not limited in the number of inbound calls you can receive at the same time.  instead of a panel of flashing madness all calls land in your queue, receive your greeting and can be handled by as many call takers you have available without restriction

Custom queue for your company with IVR

Implement an automated response to let your passengers know that their call is  important to you and will be answered as soon as possible

Custom call recording

keep on top of your business and have the ability to know what happenings even when you weren’t there.

No Busy Signals 

The dedicated line allows for as many concurrent calls as you can handle and will never result in a busy signal.  All call takers can see the number of calls waiting on hold and respond to demand.