This took guts 1 This took guts

This took guts

I’m a software engineer at Uber and I’m voting against Prop 22 I’ve been a software engineer at Uber for two years, and I’ve also been a ride-hail driver. I regularly drove for Lyft in college, and while my day job involves writing code for the Uber Android app, I still make deliveries for app-based[…]

blind justice

We Shall See

Ride-hailing companies have used their money to avoid recrimination for shady business practices for years, but California finally claims a big win.

This is more important than ever 3 This is more important than ever

This is more important than ever

“These companies are engaged in a fight to benefit a business model that essentially denies workers their rights,” said Dennis Herrera, the San Francisco city attorney. “Their business model depends on them violating the law.”

We’ve been here 5 We’ve been here

We’ve been here

This includes household names such as Uber, Lyft, Casper, and Eventbrite which we’ve all used, and begs the question: why did we allow so many unprofitable companies IPO?

Ride-hail insurance issues

Interesting Read

The classification of gig workers for companies like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, DoorDash and Postmates has long been a topic of debate. Since California worker-protection bill AB 5 became law, some companies have gone to great lengths to continue classifying workers as independent contractors.