Take the long way home 1 Take the long way home

Take the long way home

Uber Drivers Take Riders the Long Way-at Uber’s Expense When ferrying passengers to and from Phoenix’s airport, Uber driver Michelle Blandy had a decision to make: Go the short way or take the longer route. “If they were from out of town, I would take advantage of it by going the longer route,” said Ms.[…]

It Happened 2 It Happened

It Happened

Uber Hit With Cap as New York City Takes Lead in Crackdown Even as Uber has become one of Silicon Valley’s biggest success stories and changed the way people across the globe get around, the company has faced increased scrutiny from government regulators and struggled to overcome its image as a company determined to grow[…]

NO??! REALLY!?!?! 3 NO??! REALLY!?!?!

NO??! REALLY!?!?!

Taxi and Uber Drivers Are United in Backing a Cap on Ride-Hail Vehicles As New York City weighs new regulations for Uber and other ride-hail companies, a group that is often overlooked has entered the spotlight: the thousands of drivers who ferry New Yorkers across the city every day.