Do you agree? 1 Do you agree?

Do you agree?

Uber is finally getting called on its biggest bluffs Uber’s greatest innovation was never really the technology, though the technology is very good: It was branding itself a technology platform. Those magic words have accompanied Uber since its earliest days, when the startup launched its on-demand ride service in San Francisco and embarked on its[…]

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Is this criminal behavior? Anyone?

A bombshell letter charges that Uber hacked into competitors’ networks and wiretapped people at a hotel A letter has been made public that alleges Uber “fraudulently impersonates riders and drivers on competitor platforms, hacks into competitor networks, and conducts unlawful wiretapping.” The letter was written by a lawyer for a former Uber employee, who claims[…]

blind justice

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Uber Under Criminal Investigation, Justice Dept. Confirms in Letter to Court SAN FRANCISCO – Federal investigators are pursuing at least one criminal investigation into Uber, according to a court document released on Wednesday. The document, which was submitted by the United States attorney’s office in the northern district of California, does not specify what the[…]

Why would humans drive for Lyft 2 Why would humans drive for Lyft

Why would humans drive for Lyft

You should give them over 20% of your fares so they can buy autonomous vehicles to put you out of business?? Using the Lyft app in Boston could get you picked up by a self-driving car Autonomous vehicles won’t arrive overnight, but almost every week they seem to inch a bit closer to becoming an[…]

Maybe another final straw for some…..

Is Uber Stealing Tips? Since Uber launched tipping, we’ve gotten several e-mails and reports from drivers claiming that Uber is stealing tips. Some drivers emailed me saying their app glitched and the tip disappeared, some told me their passengers tipped them through the app but the driver never received it, and some just don’t trust[…]